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About us

Meet the team

Rose Glover
Founder / Director

I have over 28 years in the legal profession during which time I have advised both corporate and personal clients, undertaken extensive and complex research, undertaken advocacy and appeared before a wide range of tribunals including appellate courts.  I drafted documents and settlement agreements and undertook dispute resolution and negotiation.
I set up and ran my own firm of solicitors requiring me to develop my business and commercial skills in dealing with the day to day aspects of running a business including those of an employer.
Apart from being self-employed, I have worked in-house and during this time delivered advice to individual clients, franchisees, SME’s, members of professional institutes and large corporate entities including an insurance company, a well-known high street retailer and a well-known fast food retailer.  I am a retired and non-practising solicitor.

    • BSc Honours in Managerial and Administrative Studies 2 (1) from Aston University
    • Admitted as a Solicitor 1 March 1986
    • Accredited commercial mediator (member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators)

All types of music (both as listener and singer and meditator), body-boarding and sea-swimming, archaeology, general aviation and gardening

Sarah Clements
Founder / Director

I am a retired lawyer (now non-practising) having spent over 20 years in the legal profession. In the course of my practice I have conducted cases before both lower and higher courts in addition to appearing before tribunals. I was regularly involved in drafting, research of case law, supplying written opinions on evidence, quantum, merits of claims, drafting pleadings and indictments, draft/consent orders, injunctions and undertakings, conducting trials, together with advising and drafting grounds for appeal. The appeals I conducted included amongst others, application for judicial review,appeals against county court judgments, sentence and conviction, adoption and access orders and hackney licence appeals. Whilst studying I worked temporarily with the Chief Prosecuting Solicitors Office prior to its transition to the CPS. I qualified and practised as both a barrister and solicitor. I have also worked in the aerospace and agriculture industry giving me a broad spectrum of commercial and practical experience. Following the completion of the qualified lawyers transfer test I set up my own firm of solicitors. Subsequently I worked in-house and during this time I have delivered advice to individual clients, franchisees, SMEs, members of professional institutes and large corporate entities.

    • LL.B (Hons) 2.1 UCW Aberystwyth
    • Called to the Bar November 1989 (Inner Temple)
    • Qualified Lawyer Transfer Test November 1992
    • Admitted as a Solicitor March 1993
    • Accredited Commercial Mediator (Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators)

Horse riding and equine training and running. I have a keen interest in how individuals (human or animal) learn and how we can adapt our approach to make the communication process run more smoothly. To this end I have undertaken courses with Dr Steph Burns, a leading educator/psychologist who was involved in coaching the Australian Olympic team, and international behaviourist Ben Hart.

Our Challenge

To keep you in business. HOW? By....

    • implementing strategic dispute avoidance policies and procedures
    • resolving disputes swiftly, efficiently and negotiating a commercially sensitive settlement

We are driven

By the desire to achieve the best possible settlement with keen negotiation skills and the adjunctive business acumen.

  How we deliver

Swift customer driven service designed to meet the individual needs of each company/organisation which can be delivered through a variety of means suited to the demands of the client/company/organisation. This can include face-to-face meetings, telephone or online delivery of services.


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